Open First

Open Source software delivers rich and deep capabilities. Often it is Open Source software that is pushing back the boundaries of its respective field. Although we are happy to use proprietary products we have a preference to use Open Source first.

We are contributors to Open Source and relish giving back to the wider community. Such an approach has numerous benefits for an organisation including helping to attract the best talent.

People Focussed

We are empathetic to how people use our solutions. Always keeping the end user foremost in our minds when designing and executing. We like to help people help themselves by simplifying and improving upon workflows. Focussing on making it easy to reason about the state of complex systems. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and elevating people to achieve their goals.


We know that Information Systems are inherently complex and multi-faceted. We consider both the overall system and the customers aspirations when designing our solutions. Our integrated solutions focus on areas such as: efficiency, visibility, insights, quality, compliance and control. We like to engage with all stakeholders and empower them to perform roles based interactions with the system.


We care deeply about the work we deliver. We know that delivering great solutions is part art and part technical execution. We are purpose driven and genuine.