Cito Pro will help your organisation deliver digital products to market faster and with more control than your competition. We will uplift your organisations skills so that you can internally support the gains we deliver. And we will be available should you need extra support or additional capabilities.

Cito Pro are experts in containers and automation. We create bespoke solutions using Kubernetes and open source software to accelerate your organisations digital pipeline.

We are makers of Open Datacentre. A platform to rapidly provision a set of enterprise capabilities for free and running on any cloud or on-premise.

Makers of Open Datacentre


We can build all of your infrastructure requirements. Such as centralised logging, monitoring, alerting, job management, artefact storage, distributed block storage, reverse proxies, databases, etc. Everything we build is described as code.


We can automate and refine your entire build, test, deployment, release and measure pipeline. We will train your staff on how to use this pipeline and we will thoroughly document it.


We are experts at integrating products. The creation of bespoke tool integrations allows for significantly greater value than that provided by the tool alone.


Just using containers will not accelerate your delivery. They are merely enablers. We can provide the expertise to integrate and deploy your workloads so that you can iterate rapidly. We will help you navigate the complex tooling landscape, allowing you to focus on delivery.